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Marine Parks Review

On the 24th of February, 2016, the National Conservation Council approved the amended nomination of Marine Protected Areas around the Cayman Islands. This amended nomination will now be forwarded to the Cabinet for their consideration and decision.

1) The current (24 Feb) Marine Parks enhancement proposal as approved by the Conservation Council for onward submission to the Cabinet for final decision.

2) The report on the consultation which describes the areas and considerations regarding them in a bit more detail.

******** Old Information Retained Below For Reference ********

The National Conservation Council, wishing to accommodate requests for additional time to submit representations on the Enhanced Marine Protected Areas proposals, has extended the time for receipt of representations to 5 pm on Friday December 18, 2015.

Please see the 2015-08-24 Proposed MPA Enhancements Notice for basic information.

For background information on why and how the proposals were crafted, please read our MPA Support Booklet August 2015 and be informed.

To see the proposed new maps in detail (PDFs):

2015-08-24 Proposed Marine Parks – Grand Cayman

2015-08-24 Proposed Marine Parks – Cayman Brac

2015-08-24 Proposed Marine Parks – Little Cayman

The Department of Environment would like to discuss the proposals in detail with any interested individuals or groups. Please email to arrange for a presentation or the Department is located at 580 North Sound Road, Grand Cayman (Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm) but please call (949-8469) to make sure that relevant staff are available before dropping in.

The maps are also available showing dive moorings for reference but without background marine images for easier viewing. Note that these do not have the proposed rules on each map. For proposed zone rules please see: 2015-08-24 Proposed MPA Enhancements Notice.

Cayman Brac EastCayman Brac West Grand Cayman WestGrand Cayman South West Grand Cayman CentralGrand Cayman East

Little Cayman WestLittle Cayman East