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Marine Park Rules

Marine Park Zone

  • No taking of any marine life alive or dead, except:
    • Line fishing from shore is permitted;
    • Line fishing at depths of 80 ft or greater is permitted;
    • Taking fry and sprat with a fry or cast net is permitted. NOTE: fish traps, spear guns, pole spears and other nets are totally prohibited.
  • No anchoring – use of fixed moorings only, except:
    • boats of 60 ft or less may anchor in sand, so long as no grappling hook is used, and neither the anchor nor the rope or chain will impact coral;
    • anchoring permitted in designated Port anchorage areas – contact Port Security on VHF channel 16;
    • anchoring prohibitions suspended during emergencies and by permission of Port Director.
  • Bloody Bay, Little Cayman – Special restrictions have been placed on the use of the Bloody Bay Marine Park; no commercial operations may use the park without a license from the Marine Conservation Board.

Environmental Zone

  • No taking of any marine life, alive or dead with no exceptions.
  • No in-water activities.
  • Public may access only at speeds of 5 mph or less.
  • No anchoring of any boat.
  • NOTE: Line fishing, fish traps, nets, spear guns and strikers are totally prohibited.

Replenishment Zone

  • No taking of conch or lobster by any means.
  • Line fishing and anchoring permitted.
  • Anchor, chain or line must not impact coral.
  • Spear guns, pole spears, fish traps and nets prohibited, except that fry and sprat may be taken with a fry or cast net.

Note: These zones include the outside edge of the reef to a depth of 20 feet.

Designated Grouper Spawning Areas

  • Coxswain Bank and South West Point Grand Cayman; East and West End of: Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and Twelve Mile Bank.
  • No fishing for Nassau Groupers.
  • No fish pots or spear fishing within a one-mile radius of Designated Grouper Spawning Area from 1 November through 31 March.

Animal Sanctuaries/Ramsar Sites

  • No hunting.
  • No collecting of any species.
  • No littering.

No Diving Zone

  • No SCUBA diving.