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Bradley Johnson

Research Officer IISend Email
Bradley joined the Department as a summer student in 1993 and became a full time employee after graduating from Eckerd College in 1997 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Science. He has had involvement with most of the Department’s projects over the years but now is involved with the Nassau Grouper study, the North Sound Current study and is responsible for data acquisition with an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler.

Carl Edwards

Conservation OfficerSend Email
Carl is one of the Department’s Conservation Officers patrolling the waters around Grand Cayman and enforcing the Marine Conservation Laws.

Cheryl Henry Ebanks

Administrative SecretarySend Email
Cheryl performs a wide variety of administrative support functions for a staff of 35, and provides bookeeping support to the AFM in the adminstration of the department’s annual budget.

Croy McCoy

Research Officer IISend Email
Croy works in the research and assessment section of DOE, working mainly with coral reefs, seagrass and mangrove systems, with coral reefs as his main focus. He coordinates the Department’s long-term Coral Reef Monitoring Programme along with assisting in the planning and implementation of other environmental monitoring and research programmes ensuring that changes in the general ecology of the marine and coastal environments are detected and these environments are safeguarded.

L. Delwin McLaughlin

Marine Field TechnicianSend Email
Delwin is responsible for the installation & maintenance of the 180 public moorings on the dive sites of Grand Cayman as well as the boundary markers and information signs for the marine parks.  If you see a damaged sign or mooring, please contact the Department as soon as possible.

Erbin Tibbetts

Conservation Officer – Sister IslandsSend Email
Erbin is one of the Department’s Conservation Officers responsible for the enforcement of the Marine Conservation Laws in the Sister Islands. His office is based in Cayman Brac.

Gene Parsons

Sr. Research OfficerSend Email
Gene’s departmental roles include fisheries conservation, coastal water quality monitoring, and local aquaculture development. He began his aquatic science career in 1975 as the C.I.G.’s first Caymanian marine biologist. In the photograph, Gene is preparing to deploy a buoy to mark a sampling station during conch survey.

Gina Ebanks-Petrie

DirectorSend Email
Gina Ebanks-Petrie is the Director of the Department of Environment. She describes her job as challenging, but never boring, and says she feels extremely privileged to lead such a competent and dynamic team who are passionately committed to the conservation of Cayman’s biodiversity and natural environment. Gina would like to extend a very warm Caymanian welcome to all visitors to this website and hopes that you will find it both informative and inspiring.

James Gibb

Research OfficerSend Email
James’ background is in Ocean Current Research and Coastal Processes, however, since leaving the University of Plymouth (UK) and joining DOE he has broadened his vision of the oceanic world and has become involved in the Mangrove Restoration Project, ReefBall Co-ordination and Deployment, Benthic Habitat Classification of Cayman’s Lagoons using Remote Sensing (Darwin Initiative), the Marine Turtle Research (in-water and beach nesting), Ocean Current Research in the North Sound and George Town harbour (pictured), and the Marine fish and Invertebrate survey.

Jane Haakonsson

Research Officer – Terrestrial Resources Unit


Jane is a zoologist with an MSc in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health from the University of Edinburgh. She has previously worked at the Bristol Zoo, UK, and at the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme. She now works in the Terrestrial Research Unit of the Department and her responsibilities include updating species action and conservation plans, responding to enquiries and continuing the TRU’s many conservation projects on all three islands. Jane is also the editor of TRU’s bimonthly magazine Flicker.


Janice Blumenthal

Research OfficerSend Email
Janice’s work for the Department of Environment focuses on marine turtle research, conservation, and public education. Current projects include monitoring and satellite tracking nesting female green and loggerhead turtles ( ) and investigation of genetics, diving behavior, habitat use, and ecology of juvenile hawksbill and green turtles. These efforts are targeted toward providing information of aximum relevance to the conservation of marine turtles in the Cayman Islands, through elucidation of international migratory patterns and local management requirements. Janice is also involved in Darwin Initiative benthic habitat mapping and a variety of other DoE research and education programs.

Jeremy Olynik

GIS OfficerSend Email

Jeremy is a Research Officer with the department who specializes in Geographic Information Systems. He is currently working on the habitat mapping portion of the Darwin Initiative among other ongoing projects.

He has been with the department since February 2006 and is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Jessica Harvey

Research Officer – Terrestrial Resources UnitJess Harvey

Jessica is a University of Edinburgh graduate, with a BSc Honours degree in Zoology. Though she has a large amount of experience involved with marine activities including diving expeditions around Central and South America  and the Caribbean, the Southern Stingray Population census, and the Tiger Shark tagging programme, she has a passion for land based wildlife. Her responsibilities include answering enquiries regarding flora and fauna on land, assisting visiting scientists and bringing awareness to our natural resources.

John Bothwell

Research Officer II- Send Email
John Bothwell is the Department’s Research Officer with responsibility for the annual Conch Survey and monthly Marine Quality Water Analysis programmes. He also leads on CITES and other MEA issues for the Department and works on many of the Department’s public education programmes. He tries not to get too busy to help other Officers with their in-water research, as long as they handle the data management and analysis.

Keith Neale

Operations Supervisor – Sister IslandsSend Email
Keith is the master of all trades that keeps our operations running in the Sister Islands by maintaining public mooring, boats & equipment, collecting data for research and enforcing the Marine Conservation Law. Keith is based in Little Cayman.

Kevin Jackson

Marine Service TechnicianSend Email
Kevin  keep DoE operations running smoothly – whether that involves repairs to machinery, boats and vehicles, designing and constructing customized research gear, or lending a hand with the work in the field.

Leah Grant

Research Officer – Sustainable Development Unit

Leah joined the Department as a summer student in 2002 and became a full time employee after graduating from the University of Guelph in 2011. Her background is in Environmental Economics and Policy and her  role within the Department is to assist with the reporting of the Department’s recommendation on Coastal Works and Planning applications, assisting the public and private development sectors in achieving sustainable development and monitoring the Environmental Management System.  She also assist in various research projects within the department, including the Turtle Nesting programme.

Leonard Hydes

Conservation Officer

Leonard is one of the Department’s Conservation Officers, and is based in Grand Cayman.

Maggie Baldino

Conservation Officer

Maggie is one of the Department’s Conservation Officers, and is based in Grand Cayman.

Maggie Buchanan

Administrative & Finance ManagerSend Email
Working to keep a smooth running office within Budget!

Mark Orr

Chief Conservation OfficerSend Email

Nathan Dack

Sustainable Development Officer

Nathan joined the DOE in May 2014 as a Sustainable Development Officer working in the Sustainable Development Unit and as a part of the Technical Review Committee. He recently graduated with degrees in Environmental Biology and Environmental Monitoring from universities in the UK. He also has past experience working at the DOE as a student intern and has worked in environmental waste management consultancy in the UK. Nathan’s role within the Department is focussed around the review of Coastal Works and Planning Applications with involvement in other sustainability projects.

Phil Bush

Manager – Marine ResearchSend Email
Phil is Secretary of the Marine Conservation Board, and presides over the issue of fishing licensing and permits. He also heads up our year-round research into the Nassau grouper, and manages the data collection and reporting for CARICOM projects.

Robert Walton

Marine Parks Officer – Sister IslandsSend Email
Robert is the Marine Parks Officer for Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. His duties encompass all aspects of Marine Conservation, assisting scientists in field studies and enforcement and compliance of Marine Conservation Laws.

Ronnie Dougall

Conservation Enforcement SupervisorSend Email
Ronnie supervises the team of Conservation Officers enforcing the Marine Conservation Law.

Scott Slaybaugh

Deputy Director – Operations & Enforcement- Send Email

Tim Austin

Deputy Director – Research & AssessmentSend Email
Tim is the Assistant Director, and oversees the Department’s diverse marine and terrestrial research and conservation programmes on all three islands.

Tracy Galvin

Administrative Secretary- Send Email
Tracy is the Department’s front line for visitors and initial telephone enquiries. Her desk has been temporary home to turtle hatchlings awaiting sun-down for release; various insects and reptiles awaiting identification; and tourists and locals alike seeking information on all manner of marine and environmental related enquiries.

Wendy Williams


Environmental Assessment Officer

Wendy’s role within the Department entails assisting in the assessment and monitoring of coastal and terrestrial development likely to impact on the natural environment.  This includes reporting the Department’s recommendations on Coastal Works and Planning applications, assisting the public and private development sectors in achieving sustainable development and inputting to Environmental Impact Assessments/studies for proposed development projects. Wendy also coordinates the reporting of the Country’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions to the UK.